Sunday, 27 February 2011

Kaylin's Birthday Celebration

Kaylin's birthday celebrations continued today at Spur with lunch with the family.   There was cake, singing, laughs and presents.

Kaylink your Mum and Dad love you very much!!  Stay as adorable and fiesty as you are.

Blowing Out Candles

Cake Sparkler
Time for Prezzies!
More Prezzies

I had to throw this one in.  Before we went to lunch we went to the supermarket and we came across this check-out lady who was wearing the worse wig I'd ever seen and I HAD to take a sneaky snap of her.
Megan in the supermarket playing silly buggers


Brian Miller said...

smiles. looks like someone had a lot of fun!

Matty said...

She has a great smile. A big happy birthday from the USA.

Mrs. E said...

Cute pics. I love it when it's the kids birthdays. It's so much fun.

Monkey Man said...

Happy b-day wee one.

yogurt said...

Happy Birthday to your bonnie lass!

cat said...

Happy birthday Kaylin! And that wig is horrid!


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