Monday, 7 February 2011

I've been wanted these for YONKS! I finally got not only ONE pair but TWO!!!

I finally found a store that stocks my beloved Iron Fist Heels and guess what?  When I went in their today expecting to find nothing, they had NEW stock! 

I was like a wee lassie in a candy store.  I didn't know which ones to pick!  The ones I REALLY wanted did not have my size and I was pretty bummed about that.  

However, I decided on these two rockin' pairs.  I could only afford one but My Boerewors said he'd buy the other pair.  How special is he????!!!

Here are my new babies...

Samhain Red Wedge

Roses Are Deader Woodlook Platform


Major.Mack said...

nice. You should show a photo while you are wearing them. I really cant get the full effect without a nice pair of legs to accentuate their value. ;)

Tish said...

I am a major clutz so I am a ground floor sneaker kinda girl but I can certainly appreciate and live vicariously through others Gorgeous shoes ;)

Voluptacon said...

Oh! Those things are HAWT!!!

Akelamalu said...

Lucky you! I cannot resist shoes and have more than I can possibly wear, and still buying more,so I understand your excitement. :)

blueviolet said...

Those are amazing!

sexylegsandbody said...

Lovely heels, great choice! Somehow I know exactly the kind of situation your Boerewors was in when you could only buy the one pair. Been there before, many times, heard the subtle hint, seen the longing, wanting look in her eyes, and then pure bliss when I decide to buy it. And all the time she knew in the end I will buy it anyway. I love doing it. Sometimes I will ignore the hinting, but make sure she fits them and like them, then go back later and buy them for her. That obviously puts me in the pound seats... :)

Hope your week has been going well.

Anonymous said...

What awesome shoes... i didn't even know that they exist!!!

Mark Eames said...



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