Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lost Yer Marbles?

Yesterday My Boerewors invited friends over to help him install the new car radiator and for dinner (the guys were treating us girls as they planned to do all the cooking). 

The girls played marbles while the guys worked on the car a little. When that was all done we all went inside and the men cooked a great three couse meal for the girls while we watching epsidoes of Britian's Got Talent and Australia's Got Talent. 

Our dinner menu:
First course: Thai Coconut Chicken Crepes
Main Course :  Bacon and Cheese Fettuccini Pasta
Dessert : Fresh Fruit Salad with Custard and Chocolate Mousse

A good day...

Our toys for the afternoon

Playing Marbles

Setting up

Mandy and Megan counting their winnings

Percy tried to steel Mandy's marbles!  The fight was on

Megan rockin' the game!

then we tried the mound of dirt to help the marbles stay in place

Getting Serious
My Boerewors working on the car

After dinner relaxing...


Thank, Q said...

Sounds like a fun day! I don't remember the last time I played marbles. We played as kids, but I'm not even sure that we knew all of the rules. We just got a kick out of shooting the marbles out of the circle. Nice photos and I hope the meal was great.

Brian Miller said...

sounds like a fun day, good friends and great youngest son is really into marbles right now...just picked up a bunch at a yard sale yesterday...

Zander said...

great read BTW. goes great with my COFFEE :)

Monkey Man said...

Very ambitious of the boys. Looked like lots of fun. Thanks for sharing with the world.

Oilfield Trash said...

Great post!!!

Looks like yall had fun....

Xmas Dolly said...

That is too cool, and looks like a whole lotta fun! Can I play too???? Anyway, GUESS WHAT! You have been chosen for our Spotlight Dance for tomorrow! luvs you! ~hehe~ I'm so glad to you'll be right on top with us. Maybe tomorrow we'll have more entries, which means more players and new followers. Hopefully I'll get some people to enter my give-aways. Luv ya and see ya tomorrow it's a FReebie. I'll send the link via e-mail (if I can find your e-mail address). HUGS PASS THE WORD ABOUT TOMORROW WOO HOO Now back to marbles! I have a big Cats Eye PURPLE

Angel said...

You really played marbles?! Wow!

KrippledWarrior said...

so, who was it, that lost their marbles?

Matty said...

I can't remember the last time I played marbles. It's got to be decades.

But I can't imagine any woman who wouldn't like a break from cooking. Great day for you ladies.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Thank Q A great meal indeed!

@Brian play with him and get all nostalgic

@Zander glad I could assist in getting yer coffee down.

@MonkeyMan Oh they can, when they want to.

@Oilfield Oh We Did! But two hours of cleaning the kitchen the next day was NOT.

@Xmas Dolly You're da bomb, gurlfirend!

@Angel of course I did!

@KrippledWarrior I've always been a few marbles short.

@Matty go for it. You know you want to, dude.

cat said...

Nothing beats a good time with friends.

The Adorkable Ditz said...

I haven't played marbles since I was in Grade school! :O


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