Thursday, 16 June 2011

Winners Showing Off Their Kick-Ass Daft Scots Lass Tattoos

Isn't it interesting how all of the brilliant Caption My Freaky Photo Winners chose to put their temporary ink on their hands?  I recently asked the winners to send me a snapshot of themselves wearing the tattoos that they won by dazzling me with their witty and talented captions to my silly photos.

I was so pleased to get these back - Awesome or what?  

They Call Me Sausage Fingers

Colourful Rants of a Fed Up Sista

Daddy Can't Hear You

Cat told me that her kids got hold of her tats and stuck them on her glass partition at work. She took a shot of that!

Cat - Juggling Act of Life

Thanx to all of the winners who sent in their pictures to me and Big Ups to everone who regularly participates in my weekly Caption My Freak Photo Competition.  You make me smile more than you know.

You Plonkers are The Fucking Bomb! 


W.C.Camp said...

At first I was looking at those tattoos and I thought "I recognize that logo - where have I seen it before???" Then of course I knew what they were. Very neat promotion. You and your caption winners are pretty creative! W.C.C.

Brian Miller said...

ha. too cool. said...

Haha, now I just want one of the tatts. I'm going to try a lot harder on those caption contests now.

Oilfield Trash said...

Those tats are pretty damned cool.

Nolens Volens said...

I'll yet win one...and show you where it belongs. :)

cat said...

Smiling and looking at them right now.


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