Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Caption My Photo Competition #3

Happy Toozday, my beautiful Plonkers.  

Over the weekend, I took the dogs for a walk.  One of the leashes got tangled around my ankles and I fell with all my weight on my pinkie finger (and I ain't a small lass). 

It fucking hurt like a Bitch!  

I was sobbing, bleeding and my hand started bruising and swelling immediately.  I thought I'd broken my hand or at least my finger, because the pain was so bad.  I didn't go the the emergency room immediately because my youngest lass had a play date with a friend and I figured if the swelling hadn't gone down by the time KK's playmate had gone home, I'd go to the ER.

The swelling hadn't subsided, even though I'd kept it elevated and soaked it in cold water for a half an hour or so.  I decided 2 hours after the accident to take myself off to the ER to make sure I hadn't broken anything.  The pain was still quite bad.

Three xrays later and no fractures, it was just a bad sprain.  They cleaned out the wound (FUCKING Ouch!) and the doctor said it wouldn't need a stitch if I looked after it.  So, back home 2 hours later with pain killers and my medical insurance cringing.

Leaving the hospital the parking guy said "Six Rand, please".  I said "Six Rand?! Daylight robbery!".  He said "Nah, its cheap".  I said "Yeah, cheaper than in there!" pointing to the Emergency Room.

Now back to the Competition?

Caption this whacky image and win a brilliant Daft Scots Lass temporary tattoo.


Andrew Leon said...

That's a similar to the reaction I had when I broke my wrist, but I did break my wrist.

I'll have to come back later with a caption.

YeamieWaffles said...

Sorry to hear that you hurt your wrist so badly Lass but it was relieving to hear that it was just a sprain. Get well soon, remember to take it easy!

Brandon Ax said...

My mom had that happen her dog tried to get a squirrel and she messed up her should. *Dog walking* dangerous, lol.

Hmm I will attempt a caption.

"This is why we go to dessert, so you can be the naked?"

Wrey Swift said...

That's a HUGE OUCH!!!
But glad to know you're okay.
Get well soon!

As for the caption? hmmm...
"Give me back my dress, you pervert!" hahaha!!! ^◡^

Fashionmoto Blog

grins said...

Bad time to run out of peanut butter.


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