Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Quest for the Perfect Mascara and Gingerness

I'm always on the look out for That Perfect Mascara.

I've pretty much tried the lot and I only buy Avon mascara now because their thick, lush brushes are perfect for my long eyelashes.

There is nothing worse than clumpy looking lashes and mascara that dries out after a few uses.  Avon's mascaras last the longest.

Avon has launched the first ever Wonder Brush.  and their Mega Effects Mascara, which promises more Volume and corner-to-corner coverage.

An entire different spin on how we apply mascara the old conventional way.

I can't wait to try this! 

Mascara Tip :  Remember NEVER pump your mascara brush in and out of its container. This causes bacteria build up and your mascara doesn't last as long.

and another thing....

I've been looking for a decent shampoo for ages that enhances your hair colour.

Being a ginger, and being 40 plus and starting to tweeze those stray greys...I googled some colour enhancing shampoos and found that there is not that much variety in South Africa for redheads, unless you're willing to pay a fortune at the salons for Redken and other such brand names.

However, I do sometimes use the Natur Vital Hair Colour Mask in Auburn to enhance my gingerness, but this tends to dry out my hair.

However, I stumbled across a blog post today over at Beauty Bulletin and found that Dove has launch a new product - perfect for me.


Dove's new Colour Radiance Shampoo with colour vibrant lock.  It is lower in sulphate and gently cleanses and conditions hair so that your colour stays more vibrant for longer.  In the range they also have a leave-in conditioner and care spray with UV filter.

I absa lootly LOVE leave-in conditioners, because I wear my hair in a sock bun at least once or twice a week and use that time to deep conditional my hair.  Perfecto!

Now all I need is Dove, Natur Vital and Avon to send me some free samples to try out.


Bright Side of Life said...

Good luck with the free samples! I will definitely remember Avon next time I need a mascara. Cheers.

YeamieWaffles said...

I'm pretty proud of how I managed to follow this post quite well, then again I'm one of few guys who still condition their hair during pretty much every wash!


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