Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Disappointing Products

I found a small stone in my Nature's Choice Grower's Mixed Veg. I could've eat it, swallowed it or choked on it or even worse one of my girls could've done the same. So much for quality control.
I recently bought 5 sheets of Colorway T-shirt Inkjet Transfer Paper for R150 and it stated on the instruction that there would be a unprinted side and a side with a grid on the reverse side containing a green dot that would turn orange when the transfer was ready and had been ironed on properly. All the sheets in the package contined two identical sides of blank sheets.
How on earth are you supposed to know which side to print on?
Needless, to say I ruined 5 sheets of transfer paper because of the fact that there was no indication on the sheets regarding on which side to print.
I'm waiting for both of these customer services companies to get back to me.
Sheesh. I just flushed R150 down the toilet and nearly broke a frikken tooth!!!

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