Saturday, 2 May 2009

Mac Banana and Horse Riding

On our last day, we went to Palm Beach's "Mac Bananas" so the girls could ride the ponies and while we were there, we stopped off at the Cafe for some scrummy pancakes and even fed the Roosters that were wandering around.

Boy, do they love pancakes!

KK riding the pony. The helmet was so big she had to keep pushing it up so she could see where she was going.The stables

Megan being calm and cool

This is KK's grin on the way back. She thought she was the bees knees!

The bunches of bananas that are just drippping off the tress all over the place!

You have to literally walk among all the banana trees to get to the different places on the farm : the café tables, the kids play area, the shop with the most amazing cheeses and preserves, the wine cellar, the stables, the art gallery, the river with the ducks, the super safe trampolines the look like giant cones, the farm yard with all the farm animals.

An awesome place to take the family.

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