Friday, 8 May 2009

Kaylin Update

Kaylin and I went to the therapist again yesterday and it was brilliant news! Over the last three to four weeks we've turned our little baby monster into a sweet little girl. Tantrums have almost stopped and her ears are back in working order!

The "naughty corner" with the egg timer has worked a charm and giving her tasks to do to become more independent and feel more "in control" of her own behaviour e.g going to the toilet by herself, dressing herself, eating properly at the table, packing away her toys, etc.

The therapist said yesterday that when we walked in she noticed a calm mommy and a happy child. Our session was so successful and she is over the moon with our progess. She wants one more 40 minute session in which she'll give us various fun play tasks to do together while she observes. Then she'll have a feedback session with me and send us on our merry way.

We only really have to go back when (and if) we slip back into old ways and we need her help. She said "My work here is done - Well done mummy!".

The power of positive reinforcement is beyond my expectations. KK has thrived with it and loves being praised for being "a big girl". I still can't believe we turned this around in such a SHORT time. Its unbelievable how we under-estimate our toddlers. They want to be good, they want to thrive, they want to please - all they want in return is your unconditional love and respect!

I am still reading "Taming your Spirited Child without Breaking their spirit" and I'm enjoying putting the discpline tools into practise and changing how I word things to my child. Its not a chore anymore - its fun - because I see the results.

Its hasn't been easy. OH NO! I've had to be consistent and determined to stick to my guns and the rules and make it all work for all of us. I've had to ignore piercing screams and constant whining, ignore wobbles and tantrums (the iPod helped).

I couldn't have done it without the support of Riaan. He's been great to encourage me to ignore (he's the one who's good at that). I was a quitter when it came to ignoring the bad behaviour. I felt that I was neglecting her by doing this but they say even negative attention, is attention. Don't give her fuel for her raging fire.

I want to give myself and my wonderful, incredibly smart, sweet daughter a gold star with a cherry on top.

It will all continue of course...she will challenge me a times and push my buttons but we now have the tools and know how to handle it. I'm not frustrated anymore and I can ignore the bellows from a toddler.



Janet said...

So very pleased to hear that all is well!

Jeanette said...

That's such good news!


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