Sunday, 24 May 2009

Janie's Baby Shower

Janie's Baby Shower was a HUGE success and she got some lovely gifts and got to spend the afternoon with friends - old and new and her family.

We drank punch, ate goodies and played games. "Name the Baby Animal", "How Well Do you Know the Mummy", "Guess Mummy's tummy size" and "What's in the Nappy?".

The Winners each got a little gift. Each of the ladies at the baby shower each got a chance to give Janie some advice they wished they'd received when they were preggies. Janie will love these!

Here's the guysJanie - The Pregnant Fairy and looking beautiful
Janie and her Teeny Socks

The Presents TableJanie oogling over her gifts

For some of us the afternoonw as long and tiring

Mick sniffing one of the nappies in the "What's in the Nappy" game

"What's in the Nappy" baby shower game. These are the Nappies

My mum was there too (all the way from the South Coast)

Janie and Mick share a moment over a teeny wee pink beanie

Daddy Mick
Janie and I scoring the Baby Shower Games

Madeleine. I hadn't seen her in over 15 years! She went to varsity with my sister.

KK with her stuffed doggie

Gillian and KK

Janie with her over-sized dummy

An emotional Janie overwhelmed by all the attention and gifts

Janie sipping from her giant tee-tee bottie

Hilda with her gorgeous wee man examining one of the "dirty" nappies. I hadn't seen Hilda in nearly 20 years and she hasn't changed a bit!

Some of the ladies
More of the ladies

More prezzies!

Glynis, Janie and Clair on her phone

The kewtest wee sheepskin boots you did ever see!

Janie cuddling up in a home-made knitted blanket my mum made for her.

Showing off another cute outfit.


Jeanette said...

Eeew at the nappy game :) Looks like it was a lovely day

Gillian said...

it was so much fun! and awesome to see my sister so happy.


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