Sunday, 10 May 2009

My Beautiful Pregnant Sister

Went to Janie's place yesterday to take pix of her and Mick and her beautiful bump. She is now 32 weeks pregnant and looking so beautiful. Here are a couple of the 200 odd pix that I took. It was such fun doing it and such a pleasure to be a part of some of their special moments together.

Look at the love in this pix

Just stunning...


Jeanette said...

Lovely pics Gillian!

janie said...

You've got me crying Gillian......I truly ADORE that one of Mick by my big tum !
Thanks SO very much
Ive NEVER felt this special

Gillian said...

don't cry! Well I have tons more at home that will really get you bubblin'!!! :-)

Mick said...

Thank you very much for taking the time to take these photos, I cant wait to see the rest. It was fantastic fun and she felt really happy doing it too.

Gillian said...

check your email!


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