Sunday, 31 May 2009

Megan's School Sports Day

Megan and Kaylin's Sports Day at Junior College Castillian yesterday.
A really beautiful day with no clouds in the sky but a nip in the air.
WE all had good fun!

The start of the parade.

Megan's Class in the Parade with their distinctive blue head bands

Kaylin getting squashed within the huddle of her class' war cry.Thashen and Wade go for gold!
Teacher's with their pom-poms

Megan's class doing their display with balls, hula hoops, skipping ropes and ribbons

Popcorn, candy floss, balloons, curry and rice, rib rolls, coffee, tea was on the menu

The Pom-Pom Girls Display
The mum's race!! The mum's are soooo competitive - they nearly run us over at the finish line.

Megan's class doing their war cry. "We're gonna beat the whoopsie outta you!"

Kaylin's class take their marks, get set and go!
The girlsKaylin runs holding her teacher's hand and starting crying half way down the field...

I guess she wasn't in the mood to run.
I love the picture of this wee boy so happy to be winning
Megan's class displaying their hula hoop skills.Megan showing off her ball skills
Megan dashing for the finish line. Look at the concentration on that face.

Yes, She won!

And how chuffed she was.....Two of the boys enjoying the race

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