Wednesday, 24 June 2009

and so we were left cold and in the dark...

Last night we had a Rude Awakening...something that hasn't happened in our house since the beginning of Load Shedding...

BOOM! The lights went out..

The girls started crying immediately because they got such a fright! I immediate ran to Kaylin to pick her up as she was crying the loudest. I scooped her up into my arms and looking for Megan, took her hand and went to the kitchen to get our camping lantern that we keep underneath the sink.

I calmed the girls down and started looking for all the candles I could find in the house...

It's at times like this you wish you'd thought about it before and prepared for it but its just one of those things you never get around to because "outta sight - outta mind".

We scrambled together some candles and gathered in the lounge thinking...what do we do next? We started talking about what life would've been like without electricity. What did they do all night? Did they just go to bed early and make lots of babies?

I immediately thought of the Jane Austin novels that I love so much and pictured a lady reading by candlelight while listening to someone play the piano forté in the background. She'd be huddled around an open fire and her lap cover with a cosy, thick blanket. The men and boys would be playing chess or cards; the women and girls would be doing their needle-point or sketching.

The first thing Riaan said was "Oh NO! No electric blanket!". My thoughts were pierced and I thought....geezo times have changed... we are so spoiled.

My mind slid back to that lady reading by candlelight and imagined how awful it must have been for her getting in between her icy cold sheets and taking forever to heat up her tootsies.

The girls and I went for a hot bath, we got out and put our jammies on and curled up on the couch under a blanket and we read a book together. Little Red Riding Hood was extra special because the candlelight bounced shaddows off the walls. Kaylin noticed her shaddow on the wall, put her bunny ears on and bobbed her head, watched her ear shaddows jump up and down. She giggled. We then sang nursery rhymes together and snuggled. It was so special. Things seem to slow right down when the electricity goes off. Everything seemed so different. There were no distractions from the television or radio or anything. It was quiet, still and relaxed.

Then BOOM! and there was light!

Everything went back to "normal". We switched on the telly to watch the end of Ugly Betty and the girls fell asleep on the couch. We switched on the kettle for a cuppa and we did indeed get into a warm bed after all. The electric blankets were back in action.

Then and Now....Worlds apart.

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JaneW said...

I love evening like that where plans change and suddenly you all just spend good fun simple TIME together :)


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