Thursday, 25 June 2009

my brain has switched to information over-load and I'm feeling the tension...

So much is happening right now...I can barely afford the time to blog about it...but I want to...I think I need to...for my own sanity!!

Earlier in the week I had to deal with Kaylin's misbehaviour and leaving me pretty Hieroglyphics on my dining room walls and doors. Tuesday evening we had load shedding just around supper time... I've had Kaylin attacked by a school friend and scatched so badly that her eye swelled up like a golf ball.

KK's face the next morning

I've had to deal with Parents Evening and a blow out with the principal and the teachers for allowing Kaylin to be hurt again! and long in-depth discussions about Kaylins progress with the therapist. The both got a brilliant report (by the way).

I had an appointment with Kaylin's therapist yesterday and took my lunch hour at the end of the day to accommodate her early appointment at 3:30pm, only to get there and find out I was a week early and we had no appointment for that day. Kaylin was disappointed and couldn't understand why we drove all the way there to "Aunty Lynn" and we couldn't visit her. Try and tell a three-year-old that you screwed up the dates.... So, I'd wasted my lunch hour that I could've gone to gym. I got home and burst into tears from frustration. I got on to the phone to my mum and cried and cried and cried and just wished she was there to give me a big cuddle and tell me everything was going to be alright.

My sister is 39 weeks pregnant and started having contractions yesterday and booked herself in to hospital be induced tomorrow moring. My mum is travelling up from the south coast on the bus tomorrow and arriving at my place tomorrow night so that she can meet the new baby. I am so dead broke I don't know how I'm going to even put petrol on my car to go fetch my mum...

Riaan has his farewell braai tomorrow afternoon so he'll be home late. Too late to look after the girls while I collect my mum from the airport. I'll have to go and collect my mum from the airport alone with the girls - at night - in the cold - as I have nowhere really to leave them. I don't know when I'm going to have time to go and meet my new niece!! I will have to take my to the hospital as she doesn' t drive, to meet Clare (my new niece) afterall - thats why she's coming up from the south coast.

I've promised to take Megan to the Ben 10 at Galagher Estate on Saturday morning and I know she'll be disappointed if I tell her that I want to go and meet my new niece instead (especially because she won't be able to go with me). They don't allow kids into the nursey for obvious reasons.

My best friend has invited us around to her place for a braai on Saturday afternoon because we can finally get to meet her son, Richard's long-distance girlfriend. She lives in Durban and is coming up to meet all the "family". I'd hate to miss that...

On top of all that I'm so hectically busy at work with the lauch of the 2010 Gauteng Homemakers Expo. I don't know where to start and what to touch first...our Receptionist is off ill and we all have to "chip in" and sit on the switchboard for an hour or so each day which just frustrates me because I can't get any work done from there. Two of my Reps are working from home and one of them has had to have an emergency operation on her knee as she tore something that needed to be repaired. I'm getting emails by the dozen from them with tasks to do...

It was my birthday last week and I promised to bring cake to work tomorrow for everyone. When am I going to bake cake or even buy cake when a moths just flew outta my purse...oi vey!

I just can't get my head around all of this!!

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Mark and Martinette said...

Hey, Hope things calm down for you a bit, wew it does seem so hectic! Enjoy your mom's visit!


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