Thursday, 18 June 2009

Megan's Primary Rocks!

Riaan, myself and Megan went to visit her Primary School Open Day today and it was a HUGE success.
Megan couldn't be more excited now about going to big school.

We began in the Hall where each Grade had individual displays of their school work, school books, projects, artwork, sculptures, etc. It was so well-layed out and displayed. It gave you a feel for what to expect their homework books and projects will be for Grade One and its a lot!

While we were in the hall some Grade 7 pupils (clearly Prefects with their honours blazers) approached us asking if they could give us a tour of the school and answer any questions they had. I must commend these young boys - they were super polite, friendly and very informative about the school.

The Prefects guided us to the Grade 1 classes, which were in progress and we got to observe them in their classrooms and what they were up to. The Teachers were awesome and friendly and spoke to Megan more than me (which impressed me). They asked her what school she currently goes to and if she's excited to be going to big school. Megan was shy at first, but when she saw the classroom set up was very similar to her current classroom, she relaxed a little. (Especially when she saw the THRASS charts up on the walls). This school is one of the pioneering schools in THRASS and what could be more perfect for Megan who knows the charts backwards?!?

We were then taken out to the Grade 1 - 3 Playground (they keep the older kids separate from the youngsters to keep fighting and bullying at bay). Another plus! We then passed by the tennis, cricket and netball courts where Phys. Ed was in full swing and they were having a blast. On the main field there were other classes doing Phys. Ed with all sorts of kewl equipment including swing-ball. Some of the other children we sitting on the grand-stands watching.

We moved on passed the Media Centre (library), Art and Techonology Centre and Tuck Shop which has a facility for the Grade 1 - 3's of ordering in your classroom before "break" and receiving your food in your classroom. Another plus! No queuing at the tuck shop.

The School also has an awesome School Bus for sports outings and tours and pick-up and drop-off at After Care which is right across the street.

We were then take to the "piece de resistance" - The Science Lab. Gosh I was soooo impressed. They have all sorts of animals on display and the monitors have turns looking after, feeding and cleaning the animals cages and homes. They have a tarantula spider, bearded dragon, frogs, various mice, gerbals, rats, hamsters, even bunnies. The students are allowed to come and play and handle the animals (with the supervision of a Monitor of course) at break times and is open for all. They have skulls of various animals, fossils, models, even unborn embroys in jars for them to study and learn from. The front of the class is full of various different kinds of plants and little shrubs. It was truely awesome! Megan was in heaven.

In the School gardens they have a huge bird avery with budgies and cockatiels and various other animals, a chicken called Nandos, a nursery of baby budgies, bunny rabbits, guinea pigs and an orphan dove called Fully who arrived at the school as a baby.

We then ended up signing the register and meeting some of the staff in the Staff Room where the visiting children were giving party packs and the mums and dads could enjoy a cup of tea, coffee or juice and a bite to eat. We got given the last three years worth of Year Books to take home and read through.
Megan is so super excited about her new school!

Tonight the School has an information evening where the Principal will address the parents and we will get to ask any questions about the school and they will discuss the school in more detail, their mission and vision, school policies, governing body.

I couldn't be more at ease with this awesome school.
Pathway to the Hall
One of the School's averiesArt Display in FoyerGrade 1 display in the Hall with the THRASS charts

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