Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Afternoon Off

A well-deserved and well-need afternoon off from work today.

I will be going to get my hair cut and I am taking Megan clothes shopping because NOTHING at all fits her. She's shot up and all her pants are too short and all her hoodies and winter tops are half way up her arm. She's excited that she's getting new stuff and we can use the afternoon to have a fun time together.

Kaylin has her Therapist appointment this afternoon and Riaan will be taking her this time...we will see where to from here with her....but she has been much improved since last week and her twitch has disappeared and just threatening with the naughty corner is working. No smacking rule in our house has been implemented and its work well too. She seems to go through peak and downs with struggling with her power status in our home and sometimes it goes well and sometimes its a nightmare. I just never know what to expect from her. She is totally unpredictable.

I am off to the Imperial Russian Ballet on Saturday and I'm still not sure who is going with me. Janie, my sister said she was going with me but now that she's had a c-section, I'm not sure whether she will be up to it or not...it might just work out that I'm going on my own...och well...I'll still enjoy it...


Denise said...

Oh MY GOSH I will go with you to the Imperial Russian Ballet! I cannot even imagine how wonderful that would be! Enjoy yourself!

Anonymous said...

You can also asked Chanelle I know she also did ballet in primary and high school, I know wouter tried to get tickets to take her. Irene


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