Friday, 12 June 2009

TGIF and a long weekend to rest my weary bones

So, its been a long, busy working week for me and a very cold one at that. Johannesburg has hopefully seen the last of the cold front for a few days (at least let us enjoy the weekend).

Our company gave the annoucement that Monday the office will be closed and Tuesday is a public holiday aka Youth Day. This was previously known as Soweto Day.

I will be spending a quiet and hopefull a uneventful weekend with the family. Will be catching up with taking pix of the girls and doing fun stuff with them. We're having a very skinny month, this month so we obviously can't do anything extravagent so I'm googling things to do with your kids - without spending cash. It ain't easy...I guess we'll be baking cookies, playing XBOX and watching DVD's.

Things I would like to do when the cash flow looks better:

Ice Skating
Rhino and Lion Park

I'm looking forward to 4 whole days at home with my wee family and enjoy the time together...stand by for some pix next week.

Have a great long weekend!!

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