Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Birthday Coming Up

My Birthday is coming up this weekend and I would rather just forget it than celebrate it for a number of reasons:
  • Its winter and its cold and no one wants to come to a party in winter.
  • I'm dead broke
  • 38 candles does not look good on a cake (more like a fekking towering inferno).
  • I'm on diet to I can't have cake anyway.
  • I've already received my gift from My Boerewors.
  • Its Soccer World Cup and everyone will be watching the footie on telly.
Case closed.


Eric said...

Happy birthday wishes!

The Invisible Seductress said...

Hopefully you won't be allowed to forget it and someone dotes on your every whim.

I have 40 coming up in November,, I get what you are saying exactly!!


Brian Miller said...

ah but its your birthday...and that would not be complete with out a party...just call the fire dept in advance...smiles. i got little room to talk 37 in august...

Bernie said...

Happy Birtday.....it is going to come anyway so you might as well enjoy it.........:-) Hugs

Marcelle said...

I'm going to a birthday party this Friday ~ a 30th....( still so young )
We will be watching the German game the afternoon then go straight into her birthday party....will be thinking of you as its also YOUR birthday!!!

Matty said...

It's your birthday! CELEBRATE!! It comes once a year, so damn the diet and eat the cake!!!


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