Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Consider Yerself Tagged!

My Green Eyed Momster all her awesomeness (love you to bits!) tagged me for this tag post. Her's were much more interesting than mine.  Here they are!

10 Things you desire:

1.  Calorie Free Chocolate
2.  A pair of Iron Fist heels
3.  For hubby to find a job (he has to go through a forced resignation yesterday)
4.  Long passionate kisses
5.  To find a well-paying position
6. Warm home-made apple pie and ice-cream
7.  My children to calm the fuck down.
8.  To win the lottery
9.  A self-cleaning kitchen
10. To laugh everyday

Musicians/bands you love:

1. Jack White

2. ac/dc
3. U2
4. India Arie
5.Them Crooked Vultures
6. Black Keyes
7. Nickelback
8. Metallica
9. Jason Mraz

Things you do everyday:

1. Drink tea
2. Go to work (weekdays)
3. Blog
4. Kiss my hubby
5. Spend time with my kids
6. Email
7. Twitter
8. Smile

Things you enjoy:

1. Making people laugh
2. A good party
3. Dancing
4. Loud music
5. Google Reader list of blogs
6. Wearing heels
7. Listening

Things that will always win your heart:

1. My Boerewors
2. My Girls
3. My Friends
4. Respect
5. Trust
6. Random acts of kindness


1. Movie: Sense and Sensibility (I'm a closet romantic)
2. Song:  Brown Skin by India Arie
3. Book: Marianne Keyes
4. Band: I don't have one favourite.  My taste in music depends on my mood.
5. Colour: ORANGE

Smells you enjoy:

1. Coffee (but don't make me drink it- blah!)
2. Euphoria by Calvin Klein
3. Vanilla and Honey
4. Fresh Bread

Places you want to go:

1. Itlay
2. Scotland
3. Austrialia

Animals you love:

1. Puppy Breath
2. Paris Hilton

Person you’d marry on the spot:

Well, I already chose my partner and I wouldn't marry again.

This is a fun award! I give this award to:

A Nut in a Nutshell
Wannabe Star
Soccer Mom

Have fun with it!


Katherine said...

Gillian I would like to apologise for failing to complete your challenge the last time. I was going to do it but didn't get around to & then I got sick... I just didn't want you to think me rude!!!
Hope all is well.. cheers K

Brian Miller said...

animals you love lol...

cat said...

I thought the Boerewors had a nice new job?

KrippledWarrior said...

Very interesting you are!

Monkey Man said...

Always fun to get a little "inside" informaiton about a blogger. Being unemployed myself, I too, hope your hubby finds work.

Blasé said...


1-9 would be Sex

10 would be see above

soccermom said...

Thank you so much for tagging me.


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