Saturday, 5 June 2010

Kaylin's School Sports Day

The entire Sports Event had a Soccer World Cup Theme, of course.
It was great to see the team spirit and all the effort they'd put in.

The Teachers selling Boerewors and Rib Rolls

Christopher eyeing out the prizes

The principal and her impressive Makarapa
with all the World Cup Flags.  Yoh!

The dad's race. 
Some of the dad's even took their little ones along for the ride

Kaylin's Running Race.
Go Girl!!!

Kaylin's Ball Race

The teachers got together and gave us a demo of the Diski Dance, Waka Waka and Oh Africa. 
Well Done Teachers!!!  You did great.  I would've joined you if I knew the moves.

The Parade

Kaylin showing of her medal she got for the day.


Brian Miller said...

aww...the pics are great. we just had field day at our little ones school...they let us join in the fun cheering them on and even running a race or two...

Dulce said...


cat said...

Oh my, that looks like such a cool day.


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