Sunday, 6 March 2011

2011 CANSA Shavathon at Alberton City

The 2011 CANSA Shavathon at Alberton City was a great success!!

We were busy all morning with shoppers coming to either spray or shave their hair each with a different story or just wanting to support the organisation.  I was designated photographer for the day and with a few glipses in my battery power, I managed to get some good shots.  I did my fair share of sparying too and now my index finger is sporting a big swollen blister.  Och a small price to pay for hanging out with some amazing folks.

It was a long day on my feet, filled with laughter and tears.  We had quite a few ladies shave their hair this year and it made me happy to watch them say goodbye to their locks and listen to their emotional stories.  We had  a fun team leaded by Joselyn who had pretty much had everything planned and organised, which made a huge difference.  She'd organised loads of volunteers, food and drinks throughout the day to keep us going  and a DJ to keep us jammin' and smiling.

A brilliant day.  Here are some of the amazing people!

Our First Customers

Our First Sprays

One of our youngest customers

We did beards

One of our ladies who shaved everything. 

All off!

Some groups that to support lost family members

Happy Shavers

and the little people

Minus her pony tail!

Our amazing registration ladies who took everyone's money and donations

Is that Crusty the Clown?  Way to go!

These cute sisters arrived with the most adorable T-shirts!

The Little People

TokTokkie CANSA Mascot

Some of our Team members

More Little People
Shaving it all off.


joanny said...

amazing really, some great candid shots for a really good cause.

Your blog is lovely lively and diverse.


Brian Miller said...

that is awesome and beautiful...thank you and all those that shaved in support...

Alan W. Davidson said...

Nice pics, Gillian. Looks like all had a good time for that great cause.

Mike Smith said...

Wonderful, Gillian.

Monkey Man said...

What fun and what a fantastic cause. I am always shaved, but would happily throw in anyway.

Akelamalu said...

Amazing day, amazing people! :)

Andrew said...

Absolutely! A good cause and a good time had by all.

Not So Simply Single said...

WOW, so very cool...don't know if I could shave my head, but BRAVO for those that did!


Boobies said...

I absolutely love this! What a great cause!! <3


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