Friday, 11 March 2011

F-F-Fawk You Friday, Shoegasm and Blondie

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Boobies, Babies and a Blog hosts Fawk You Friday.  Go link up and bitch, whine and moan as much as you want, Doochebags.

This week's Fuck Yous:

  • The FuckNut who stole my parking at the front of our local Spar.  He just cut me off and slid right in there.  Who the fuck does he think he is? I have made mental notes of your car registration and I will key your precious Mercedes, Bitch! 
  • Fuck you to my budget that is looking particularly anorexic.  Its incredibly sad...I'm thinking selling my Dance Stage Universe XBOX games and mats.  Anyone buying?  Contact me on 
  • Fuck you to my liquid diet that has me running to the lav to empty my Beaver Box every fucking 5 minutes at work.  Can't I just put a catheter in and empty the bag at the end of the day?  My poor Lickity Split is chafed.

 Enjoy this week's Friday's Shoegasm over at Peace Love Applesauce
$75 at Lingerie Allure

Love me some Tartan
Brian Atwood's  boots.  HAWT!

Have a BRILLIANT weekend, Plonkers!


Brian Miller said...

parking space stealers burn me up...yikes on the liquid diet...

Steve Bossenberger said...

That liquid diet is definitely going to put a damper on things! Bathroom breaks left and right.

I can relate on the budget too! The economy here SUCKS!!! We are canceling our annual summer trip. First time ever! BASTARD ECONOMY!!

Do what I do with Parking spot bandits. I keep a bat in my car. They steal my spot, I go all Barry Bonds on their ass and bash their car in. I usually end up getting a ticket or arrested or something, but I feel better after doing it :)

Daffy said...

Traffic! Grrrr.... I've been known to pop a few taillights and when I was pregnant I had some douchecanoe steal a spot from me. A waddled my huge blimpie ass into the store and found him and asked him if he had no momma and why the hell she didn't teach him better manners than to steal a parking spot from a hugly pregnant woman about to pop. Grrrr.... I also leave notes...usually along the lines of "Assholes like you should take the bus".

Monkey Man said...

Some people think they are so entitled. I firmly believe Karma will catch up to them. As a constant water drinker, I empathize on the need for a catheter.

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Those polka dot ones are killer!! Thanks for participating!! And don't forget to link up at PL&A.. Happy Weekend!

Boobies said...

I can't stop laughing at your Beaver Box!!! Bwhahahaha!

Fawk the liquid something, you're gorgeous!

And your shoe taste is AMAZE! I'd rock all 3 pairs!


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