Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Willy and Kate Lie Back and Think of England

Oor Wully and Kate are cashing in on their up and coming Wedding by selling Official Royal Wedding Condoms

Yes, only 5 Quid for 3 Crown Jewel Shags!

(okay its not really Kate and Will marketing and selling the condoms  but seems everyone is jumping on the royal horse-driven coach with their own "Wedding of the Decade" crappy souvenirs)

 Yeah, this beautiful commemorative mug has poor Kate marrying wrong fucking brother, Doochebag!  Who in their right mind would go for the ginger brother when they could have Will?

Will Wales's Stag 2011 Tee

Expect to see these cute little bastards 
outside Buckin-Gnome Palace 

Royal Wedding Sick Bags

Coffee Mugs

Life Size Cardboard Cut Outs (I shit you not)
and the boring yet ever-so English - Tea Towel
The Royal Fridge


The Writer Currently Known as Rory said...

Official Royal Wedding Condoms: Because it's not like you have enough problems without royalty barging in.

blueviolet said...

Those take every bit of class right out of the royal couple. Eeks!

Duncanr said...

I hope they do use some form of contraception - I'm supporting enough of the buggers already through my taxes without any more 'royals' sponging off me

DCHY said...

Thanks for the grin on my face. ;)

Alice X said...

Hahaha condoms! People will sell anything

THUNDERCAT832 said...

I've been hearing about this marriage for what seems like years now! I'm just bitter because it's not me!! There needs to be a little "color" in the royal family lol

Brian Miller said...

ok the fridge is sick...but that door mat is hilarious...

Copyboy said...

I can't wait to buy the DVD for $19.99.

Lesley said...

Ahh the royal fridge. So I can think of Will every single time I eat a cold, limp sausage.


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