Sunday, 8 April 2012

Body Con Dresses for All Sizes and other Funky Goodies

Hey Plonkers, you know I'm a Fashion Whore and so, because it's my day off from the A to Z Blog Challenge, I thought I'd share a website that I recently found with really cute stuff Sway Chic.

Magazine covers have women from all over the world photographed with body con dressesThis only means that they are these dress type tops the other dress types. 

In the recent years the dress has become very popular among women all over the world making significant changes in the fashion industry.  It has also become a regular at red carpet events and it is clear to see that celebrities are big fans of the dress.  They are very flattering on a woman's body.  Wearing this dress will make shape more womanly as it focuses on your assets;  your boobs and butt.  The attention given to these areas give you a sexier look. Women who are not particularly confident showing off their body can try these dress and show flaunt their femininity.  This will in turn boost your confidence because the dress creates an illusion of a slimmer shapely figure. 

As a woman with a bigger body you have higher chances of looking more elegant wearing a figure hugging dress than any other buggy dress type you may own.  It may seem a challenge to you especially if you have never tried such a dress but be assured that with a thicker material clinging on to your body you will have heads rolling you way as you gracefully flaunt your curves for the whole world to see.

So if you are used to the more common dresses like maxi dresses and summer dresses in the past you can change that and try out a dress that clings more to your body for a more elegant and sophisticated new look.  Shun away from the belief that chunkier girls cannot look sexy are that they are doomed to baggy pants or baggy dresses.

Don't be left behind by the fashion train and don't suffer from insecurities that you need not suffer from.

And they have cute shoes (check out these ultra cute wedges which would be perfect for my birthday in June *hint hint*) only $58.00

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