Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Persevere Plonker

The A to Z Challenge is on its way downhill now and today is the letter P.  My theme remains Motto versus Insults.

The Motto for P is


I strive to continue to achieve goals that I set for myself.  I don't set huge unrealistic goals, I set small goals.  It works better for me when I set bite-size goals.  tt doens't seem as difficult to hang in there and achieve them when they are smaller.  Failure is less likely to happen and I believe that all those bite-sized goals will add up and before you know it you've achieved way more than what you excpected.  Even when difficulties creep in and things are not going your way, it is your perserverence that helps you carry on and push through. 

When I feel like quitting, I have a saying "This too shall Pass" and it always does. 

Not everything will go according to your timetable, not everything will go as you planned but hang in there and things will get better.  Don't give up. Persevere.

My Insult for today is


The term plonker started out as a reference to someone who was forever drunk on cheap wine (cheap wine is nicknamed plonk) this person was usualy a homeless person, or poor person.  Today the term plonker is a very light hearted insult. Its not even seen as an insult, its like calling someone a wally. Its in no way ment maliciously. you call someone a plonker when they say or do something stupid. On my blog I call my Followers, Plonkers, affectionately of course.


Addman said...

Today's insult is a lot less graphic than I thought it would be. You're right, plonker is a good word.

Francene Stanley said...

By breaking a task into small pieces, you've shown the way to overcome the challenge. Blog on, regardless of your sorrow. It will pass.

Not So Simply Single said...

Plonker. Such a great word, but doesn't sound as good without your accent...

Dazediva said...

I guess all us plonkers persevere in a way don't we :P

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Addman Plonker is the BEST word!


@NSSS I agreew with you. Not the same in a Yankee accent.

@Fancene thank you so much for popping by. Be sure to return soon.

Crazeebee747 said...

Love the post on perseverance! Awesome philosophy about the bite sizes


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