Wednesday, 4 April 2012

D, which just happens to be my bra size

My Mottos versus Insults today, presents the letter D, my bra size. 

My sweet Motto today is 


We all need to dream, we all need to have dreams otherwise what exactly is there to look forward to? 

I believe that nothing happens without first having a dream - If you dream it, you can achieve it, right?

If you read my blog regularly, you will know that I have many vivid dreams that include incredibly whacky adventures.  I've had a date with Elvis, been an Olympic Gold Medal Winner, a professional fencer, a contestant in a reality TV programme and I've met Lady Gaga.

My Insult word for today is


I think this is a adaptation of douche and then the notorious douchebag.  A Douchenozzle is someone who is more annoying than a just an ordinary dooche.  A doochenozzle penetrates even deeper and fouler than the arseholey douchebag. 

And, besdies, Douchenozzle sounds a gazzillion times better.


Dazediva said...

Looks like 'dream' is the word of the day :)

But I still think douchenozzle is cooler hahah where did you hear this ? Douche / Douchebag I know .. douchenozzle is a new one !

Melanie said...

I am totally stealing douchenozzle. Way more impact!

JDC said...

Never give up on those dreams.

Mark said...

You're right, Douchenozzle Does sound better!
Thanks for playing that Mama Cass song. I should totally make a slide show with that song.

YeamieWaffles said...

Douchenozzle is an amazing insult Lass, I've honestly never heard of it before ever!

Matt Conlon said...

douchenozzle. I heard that on Twitter somewheres... I've been saying it now for about seven or eight months. I love it's shock value. Nobody expects it.

I love that song. Music was so much better back then!

The Brew Newb

Matt Conlon said...

LOL I love that your comment box says "NEVER censor yerself!" (or... yersel, anwyay)But you moderate the comments.

"Don't censor yourself! ...I'll do it for you." HAHA!

...Sorry, just struck me as funny. :D

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Matt *giggle* I only moderate comments so that I can get to read each one of them. Otherwise I feel like some comments get "lost in cyberspace" (especially the comments for older posts)

Althea said...

Douchenozzle - Best. Word. EVER!

Matt Conlon said...

Yeah, I hear ya there. It's kind of like how in my Email program, I have it set to NOT mark emails as "read" if I simply click on them. I have to actually right click and mark them as read. Forces me to make sure I've seen them.

Introducing Mr. Cool said...

How did you know I love Cass Elliot & this is one of her greatest songs I think. I have a surprise for everyone at my blog. I'd appreciate it you'd check it out. Did you see what happened to our Dolly? Poor thing & she sent me an e-mail to ask me if I wouldn't mind putting a comment on a couple of her reviews & pass the word for her. So, I'm passing the word. Have a good WW

Joshua said...

I'm also a fan of Douchecanoe.

Jezri said...

I once dreamed I met William Shatner and he made me a PB&J. lol. Now I have to insult someone today and call them a Douchenozzle. Thank you for the laugh.

IndigoWrath said...

Hey Lass! Wowsers, NICE live version of a very cool song! Indigo

G-Man said...

I loved your Cock Riding pic Jildo!
You Vixen!
Stinky AND Kinky!!!!
You Rock Baby....:P

Tonja said...

Your insult word had me laughing. My actual dreams (the sleeping kind) go like this - I have to go back to my old job, a job I quit 5 years ago. At the end of each dream, just when I'm about to wake up, I realize I don't really want to work there. So I'm trapped in my old job, night after night.

Bushman said...

Nothing wrong with "D" size. They motor boat just fine!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm going to remember doochenozzle!

The Beans said...

Agreed. "Douchnozzle" is a superior term.

And, on a side note, as someone who is also a size D, I bet that you have had issues with having big boobs. :P

I once wrote a post about it. Enjoy.

-Barb the French Bean

cat said...

Ag I wish I still had my doubel D's

Crazeebee747 said...

It does all start with a dream. Yum!

Matt Harvath said...

Douchenozzle has been added to my vocabulary. I have a feeling I will test it out tonight.


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