Monday, 9 April 2012

Holy Crap on a Cracker, Hooka!

Happy Monday Plonkity Plonkers

A to Z Blog Challenge letter today is H and my theme of Motto versus Insult continues.

My Motto for today is


We all wish things will turn out for the best right?   To me that's Hope.

When my youngest daughter was about 3 years old we had a therapist who told us she has Aspergers.  At first we were relieved that we had an explanation for her strange behaviours and sudden out bursts.  We learned to deal with her, live with it but it hasn't been easy.  A year ago we took her to one of the best Neurologists for a new assessement and she told us she has some characteristics of an Aspies child but her main problem was her severe ADHD, ODD and OCD.  We are working hard at getting her school ready this year with Occupational Therapy....we live in HOPE that she will be ready for mainstream school next year.  Its been an emotional ride.
This is my story of HOPE.

My Insult today is



PhotobucketI don't want to miss out on Monday Music Moves Me Blog Hop with Xmas Dolly because I'm in the Spotlight today.  This week's theme this week is silly songs that make you laugh. 

This calypso Big Bamboo song ALWAYS makes me giggle.

And one of my favourite YouTubers who ALWAYS makes me laugh.  RWJ


neer said...

Your brief on Hope is so beautiful. Hope everything turns out well.

thanks for visiting my blog. Happy A-Z.

~Sia McKye~ said...

The title of your post today made me grin and the Big Bamboo cracked me up. I had never heard it before.

Hope. You went through a lot with that and my hope for you is it will work. With your love and determination to get her mainstream, by finding out all you can do to help is a key.

I how hard it's to deal with a child ADHD it wasn't severe but still difficult journey of learning how to help. He's just graduated from high school. It had it's moments, but he had some of the highest scores in the program. This fall, he's off to get all his certifications for being a mechanic and working on various engines including hybrid cars.

Hang in there.


Huntress said...

Okay. No more reading your blog while drinking coffee. *still laughing. And choking*

Cathy Kennedy said...

Whoo-Hoo, congrats on being in the 4M spotlight! Wowza, I hope things work out for the best with your small fry. My prayers and well wishes are with you.

YeamieWaffles said...

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter Lass. I've been diagnosed with a semi severe version of OCD so I know how you guys must feel and how much of a hindrance it can be. Hope is a huge word for me right now myself because despite the fact life has been kicking me constantly in the groin recently I'm hopeful for change. Great post.

Stacy Uncorked said...

The Big Bamboo is hysterical!

Love your view on Hope - and here's hoping the emotional ride will calm down. ((HUGZ!!))

Congrats on your Spotlight Dance! :)

Like a Surgeon Everyone’s A Hero, so Let’s Go to the Mall and build Sandcastles In The Sand because Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit

cat said...

You know that my word for the year is hope? We are also working with L in huge hope to get him school ready for 2014. And yes, we do nto have the same issues - we have SPD/SID and OCD but I think we understand each others issue

J.L. Campbell said...

Hope does get us through some tough situations in life. Those calypsonians do have a way with words. First time I've heard this one.

Xmasdolly said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter, but if she's anything like her mother I'm sure she'll pull through and her problems will be a thing of the past soon. As far as your songs that first one was a hoot! Makes you giggle? I was ROFL! The second one not so much. CONGRATS ON BEING IN THE SPOTLIGHT & Have a great day! Thanks for playing along.

Shay said...

I was in a car accident and had to go through several doctors before they finally found out Exactly what was wrong. ALWAYS get a second opinion:) Hope everything works out with her.

BTW, thanks for the career idea. I would consider becoming a hooker, but at this point, I can't GIVE it away so I sure as hell don't think I'd be able to charge for it!

Lucy said...

I hope you realize your HOPE for your child :)
Enjoy your spotlight on Music Monday and thanks for helping me smile today, I will forever think differently when I hear the word Bamboo LOL

JamericanSpice said...

Hope is good. It keeps us alive and pushing forward.

I hope things will work out in a great way by next year for your daughter.

Congrats also on being featured.

Curmudgeon said...

My son has Tourettes, (not the crazy crap you see on TV.) and OCD and ADHD are part of the package when you have that. Tons of weird noises and thumps come out of his bedroom before he falls asleep. If he is not on the computer, he is walking around the house playing with a ball. (no glass lamps), and has several meds. But! He is so smart he got his associates before he was out of High School, and has a free ride, books and allowance for the next four years of college. There a pluses and minus's. Believe me it doesn't suck to not have to pay all that.

J.Day said...

I gave myself a tummy ache from laughing over that Big Bamboo song. Too funny.

Dropping by via A-Z challenge. :o)

The Freckled Sister said...

Wishing you the best in getting your daughter ready for school. I hope that you have all of the support that you need.

Matt Harvath said...

Hope is great! I love the motto and I Hope all goes well for you and your daughter.

The Bamboo song is great!

Hooker as an insult...I thought it was just an occupation :) LOL! Anyway, I was called a hooker this weekend and told the guy to shut up and get it right -- Guys are Gigaloos!!!


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