Monday, 23 August 2010

Move over LBD!

Little White Dress
Move over LBD aka Little Black Dress!

The LWD aka Little White Dress is a breath of fresh air and is one of this Spring/Summer season's simple hottest little trends. 

Now, I'm not one to follow the trends in fashion, I wear what suits my five-foot flabby frame or try at least. So, white on me looks a little putrid and pasty.  I already have that ginger complexion which makes my skin look transparent with a slightly blue tinge [vomit] so I generally don't wear too much white. 

Secondly, the fact that white clothes show every piece of celulite that maybe only half developed and, lastly, white with two young girls is not a good idea.  You land up looking like a homeless person by the end of the day with chocolate smears and lollipop stains.  Its just not practical.
Coco Chanel in her Classic White Suit

Nevertheless, I still love white.  I've always dreamt of owning, and wearing,  a snow white hanel suit complete with Prada Clutch, Christian Louboutin heels and Tiffani bling.  A girl can dream, can't she?

Some more LWDs
Sexy Trench
The other trend of this season that I ADORE is, The Trenchcoat Dress. 

Not only is this uber hawt, but it always reminds me of a dirty old man flashing his wrinkled genitals to under-age girls in public.  Skanky and sexy at the same time.  I always imagine the wearer being buck nekkid underneath. 

There is someonthing really sexy about the Trench Coat Dress, well to me anyway.

So there are some other trends:

Short Shorts, Fringes, Ruffles, and over-sized bows are also included in the top 20 rules for this season, but they are plain and simply fucking HIDEOUS!  They're only made for the ultra skinny and if you're anything heavier than anorexic, forget it, you're just gonna look like a dumbass.

Fugly Oversized Bows
Short Shorts
Fringes.  Can you believe this fugly bag is Prada?


blueviolet said...

That bag is ridiculous! I do have a fringe bag but not that fringed!

I am loving those white dresses so much!

cat said...

That bow on the dress is so 80's.

Scott said...

My "mum" used to have a purse we called the "octopus."

It was a steel blue colored leather shoulder purse that had fringe hanging from the entire boottom seam, the length of the purse. The fringe was about 24" long. It was a 1970's purse to be sure!

Thank you for the fond memory this morning!

yogurt said...

Walking in NYC a few weeks ago (first time in 20 yrs, not like I get to make a habit of it) I was pleased to see a lot of denim and brown for fall. Brown is one of my favorite colors for clothes, as my wardrobe will attest, i.e., drab.

See, this is my grand plan. Buy what I like and wait until Madison Avenue catches up with me.

yogurt said...

Oh and about the fringe .. my son brought out a fringe suede jacket given to my daughters as dress up clothes. It was hideous then, it's hideous now.

Becca. said...

i agree, the little white dress is so now, i've got a few myself :)

check out the TOPSHOP giveaway on my blog!

Copyboy said...

I'm afraid none of those styles would make my hairy legs look sexy.


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