Friday, 6 August 2010

The Tooth Hurts


Megan, my 7 year old, lost her 7th tooth last night.

No. 7 has been wobbly and hanging on a thread for a while now and she and I have been wiggling that little fucker every day in anticipation for that last little snap and Yureeka!

But neither she or I have been particular successful at detaching that last wee bit thats been clinging on to her gum for dear life.  I guess the tooth doesn't want to take a trip to Tooth Fairland (or wherever Tooth Fairies come from).

Megan casually asked her Dad last night if he would try and get it out.  Next thing I knew, My Boerewors had a tissue wrapped around her wobbly tooth and yanked it out in seconds!

"One...Two...Three...there we go!" he announced as he held it up to Megan.  The  shock on her face was priceless.  The fact that he just came and yanked it out so quickly astonished her (and me for that matter).  Dads just do some things better than Mums.

Megan chose a not-so-smelly shoe to carefully put her tooth inside for the Tooth Fairy.  She prayed for lots of dosh that night.  She got R20 for her tooth and she was dead chuffed with her takings this morning when she woke.

This Tooth Fairy is milking me dry.  I'm in the wrong business demmit!


Blasé said...

"Gary" seems to be proud of himself. Lord!

Sorry to hear that a lil' loose tooth whipped your butt...Hahahaha

The Invisible Seductress said...

I will be blaming you for singing and dancing about summertime all day now..Not a bad thing to be blamed for though! Hugs Toothfairy!!!

AmyLK said...

ahhh the toothfairy was just at my hosue this week too. When will they be done with loosing teeth? lol

Sarah M. said...

My dad was always the one to pull my teeth out. I was too much of a sissy to do it myself.

Christiejolu said...

OMG that gave me the goosebumps...My daughter gets a kick out of torturing me with her loose teeth...I don't know why but it gives me the willies...(shudder) LOL! When She says "I think my tooth is going to come out today" I mentally think "Do I have money in my purse?"

dulce said...

I cant believe it- my also 7 year old lost his 7th tooth two nights ago!!!
And Yesterday he said.. Hey Mum You are that fairy, arent you?... Well, I said... it's me who hears the voices and does the stuff...
Then he asked where do you keep them' I showed him ... then , where is the one missing? 'Dad's got it' Go ask him (LOL)

Oh my..

So... YES... It so happens... magic vanishes a little bit once in a while.


cat said...

Oh I love Gary the toothfairy. And somehow dads just do somethings better than mums.

steveroni said...

It happens that I COULD NOT LEAVE HERE with seven (7) comments on the board. So here's mine, #8...

I always thought the tooth fairy was a gay dentist...please do not ask me who I thought Santa Clause was--or IS?


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