Tuesday, 31 August 2010

How to Dye Your Pubic Hair

The subject of dyeing pubic hair is one that has become much more common in recent years.

In some cases, women who begin to notice gray hairs showing up in their Love Rug are anxious to cover them up.  Who wants to go down on Granny Gray, right?

In others, dyeing and even cutting Muff hair has become something of a trend in certain circles, where surprising shapes and shades are cropping up almost every day.  

Even Vajazzling your mound has become popular.  A wee bit 'o Bling for the special occasion. 

Whatever the reason, there are some factors you should take into consideration before dyeing your Lady Garden.

Many doctors advise strongly against dyeing the hair in this region as hair dye can be extremely caustic and could cause severe reactions in the highly sensitive vjay-jay region.

Test for allergic reactions first

Many hair dyes contain harsh chemicals such as peroxide and ammonia and they should be used with extreme caution in the Bermuda Triangle. Before dyeing your Candy Box hair you should always do a patch test to determine whether you have an allergic reaction to the dye.

You’ll also want to cover the sensitive skin of the Velvet Mitten and Lady Labia with petroleum jelly to protect it from any accidental drips or spills while applying dye.

If you can, use a dye specifically for pubic hair

Some manufacturers are now producing dyes designed to be used specifically in sensitive areas. If you can, you should always try to use one of these products rather than an ordinary dye meant for the hair on your head.

There are some salons which offer waxing services and will be able to do the dying for you if you don’t trust your own skills.

Try doing a test run on a few strands first

If you are trying out a new colour or want to match the colour to the hair on your head, snipping a few strands of your Love Rug and doing a test run will help you to get a better idea of how much time will be necessary.

Getting just the right shade may require more than one application and this is much easier to determine on a sample then on the real deal.

If you do opt to do it yourself, you might want to consider using dye made for colouring the roots of your hair, as these kits come with a small brush which can make application much easier.
This can help you to avoid spilling or dripping as well as allow you to apply the dye more thoroughly and precisely, with fewer applications necessary.

Wait until you've got the right colour before cutting or styling

Go Green!
You’ll want to do any cutting or styling of the pubic hair after dyeing, rather than before. And if you don’t achieve the exact colour you were shooting for, you’ll need to wait at least a week before trying a second application.

This is particularly important, as you want to make sure that you don’t have any skin irritations or infections before applying more dye.

It may have seemed outrageous at one time, and it is still considered somewhat dangerous, but dyeing your Hairy Beast is quickly becoming more accepted. Don’t think you have to be stuck in a colour rut, even in your most delicate area.  Feel free to express your own unique style – just make sure that you do it safely.

Betty Beauty offers a range of dyes especially formulated for pubic hair. They come in a variety of colours – even a special blue 'Bridal Betty' version! 


blueviolet said...

This is when waxing makes the color irrelevant! ;)

Brenda said...

Mwahahaha. Am thinking I want mine in hot purple!

Lori @ RRSAHM said...

Well who would have thunk it...? I must say that's one thing I haven't done. I may consider it if I start yo go grey down there. Hehe.

Brian Miller said...

green would definitely be interesting...

Elizabeth said...

I have always believed that the carpet should match the drapes, darling, if you feel the need to have carpets.

I, and the hot young bartender I'm about to turn inside out again at www.godeeperliz.blogspot.com, prefer bare floors. Hope you will take a peek!


Jill said...

My great grandmother used to dye her's jet black even when she was 82. I think it startled some of the nursing care at her nursing home.

And...my friend did the vajazzling for her husband the other day for their anniversary.

I tend to be a bit old fashioned, but I'm not gray yet, so we'll see...

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

LOL...no, ROFLMAO on Brian's comment. Actually, green would be great for St. Patty's Day. Wondering now what PADDY would say, errrrr....um Bud would say. My Bud would need a lot of green beer in his gut before he'd even think it's cool, I'm sure.

Just a laugh a minute for me today. This was a fun post.

Chupsie said...

I love all the names! it made my day!

justsomethoughts... said...

it should be color coordinated with clothing or holiday.

Amy J - Book Addict said...

Um, no, I don't think so. I will leave this test to the Dutchess. This Dame ain't gonna do it! LOL

Lipgloss said...

LOL! What a fun post...but thank God I wax cos the choice would be too much to bare!

Akelamalu said...

Do people really dye their pubic hair??????

I'm having my hair (head) dyed red tomorrow (I told you I like red hair didn't I?)but will leave my cuff blonde as nature intended.

Grey hair isn't very noticeable on blonde. ;)

Ami said...

I have never considered dyeing that hair.

As sensitive as my skin is, I'm still not considering it.

Besides, we do everything in the dark. And we don't do it anymore, we already had two kids. So of course after we did it twice we never felt the need to do it again.

But I'm sitting here giggling at your post.

And I am not ignoring your tag from yesterday... I just haven't written the post yet.


G-Man said...

Another Pubic Service announcement from The Jillie Bean!!!

Nat said...

Sounds a bit risky to me....maybe a merkin will be a safer option for experimenting with new "hairdos" :-)

The Invisible Seductress said...

OK, I need to stop laughing, this is a serious issue..So serious that Cosmo had a pull out stencil page in it's issue a few months back,,it's all about precision.ahem...now can I laugh again? I really liked all the new names!!

lisleman said...

I agree with "Chupsie" the best part of this post was the long list of names. "Love rug" might be the top of my list.

Really ? A waxing salon would do this? I just can't imagine doing that for a living.

Mr Monkey said...

That made me laugh hard- great post
Mr Monkey

Matty said...

How about the tie dyed effect?

Becca. said...

aahaahhaa, this has made me laugh a lot, love all the names!


Christine Macdonald said...

I love this post! It makes me think of Sex and the City when Samantha ended up with a Bozo the Clown crown.

"No one wants to f*ck grandma's p*ssy!"


Voluptacon said...

My best friend is a colourist and we had a (male) friend over to have his hair dyed bright red. I "borrowed" some of his hair colour and did my "lady garden" the same shade as his head. I shaved it into a heart, took a pic of both his head and my "love rug" and photoshopped tiny little pics of my "heart" as a border around the pic of his new hair colour.
Yeah, I've dyed mine.

MaidInAustralia said...

I definitely couldn't colour my Lady Garden, because my parts are so sensitive they would no doubt get infected. But I love the idea of it ...

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@blueviolet True!

@Brenda I'm Going Green!!

@Lori we still have a few more years, Lori

@Elizabeth its DIY

@Jill Just imagine. Surprise!

@justsomethoughts Awesome!

@G-Man indeed, take heed

@InvisibleSeductress Fuck IT! I must've missed that issue.

@Christine McDonald You're right. No one does.

@Voluptacon <3


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