Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Family Day...

With my birthday coming up tomorrow, we rounded up the family and had lunch at my sister's place.  It was great to have everyone together!

Dylan (my nephew) and Megan

A Daft Scots Lass, her Boerewors, Mick and up-side-down Roman

Roman and my big sister, Janie.  In the back, Claire and Megan

Roman and Kaylin

Mick and Roman

A Daft Scots Lass and her Boerewors

Janie and Roman

Roman, Megan and Mick

Sisters : Janie and A Daft Scots Lass

Cheers - lunch is served

Kaylin and Roman

The wee ones


YeamieWaffles said...

Love all these photos so much Lass, looks like incredible fun to me!

Akelamalu said...

Lovely family photos. Happy Birthday!

Michael Offutt, "Johnny on the Spot" said...

I would sing "Happy Birthday" to you but I've recently been informed that the copyright to that song is owned by Warner music and that no one should be allowed to sing it without paying Warner a cut.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Happy birthday then! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

Paula said...

Beautiful pictures. Happy Happy Birthday.....tomorrow!

Lanthie Ransom said...

Wishing you an awesome Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

Bright Side of Life said...

Happy Birthday to you! Great photos. :)

Bumferry Hogart said...

Have a cracking birthday!! all the best from the cloudy UK! :O)

Matt Harvath said...

Looks like you had a great day with your beautiful Family!

The Glebe Blog said...

Lovely family pics. It's the season for catching up with family. I saw some of mine a couple of weeks ago.
Keep smiling.


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