Thursday, 20 June 2013

Been There, Blogged That!

Blogs : the most valuable content type for Marketing
I have been blogging for yonks.  It'll be six years this year.  Oh yeah, I fekkin' rock this joint.

I have met some amazingly spectacular bloggers during that six years and they have all given me great advice and tips.  They've offered advice on how to "keep it fresh" and keep it "interesting".  But, I KNOW you Lovelies have even more to saucy secrets to share. 

I want to do an "Advice from Other Bloggers" post. 

So, what I need you lovely Plonkers to do, is get hold of me by either leaving a comment down below, on Twitter, on Instagram on via old fashioned email adaftlass@gmail[dot]com will do.  

Share with me the best piece of advice that either someone has given you, or that you have learned about blogging.   

I need all those filthy little treasures that you've picked up over your visits through The Blogsphere.

"Did you know that 329 million people a year read blogs?"
 After you have contacted me with your earth-shattering advice and tips on blogging, I will then compile them all into a Big Fat Advice Post and share them with y'all. 

"Did you know Blogs give sites 434 more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links?"

Oh, I know... I hear you saying, "Why didn't I think of that?".  Right?  Don't steal my shite, ye hear? 





Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Six years! Whoa. Although this year I hit four years.
Basics are get involved, return comments, return follows, etc.
BUT - I will email you something much better than that.

YeamieWaffles said...

I don't have any facts to give Lass and that's annoying me, it's cheating if I use Google too right? Here's something that could possibly be a fact, with six years of blogging under your belt it may be possible that you're the longest serving blogger that I follow, I'm not even sure if Lee who made the A to Z Challenge has been around so long.

Wow, I don't think I've ever checked out your blog archive list before, I had no idea you'd written so many posts over so long. A quick calculation says you've made 2290 posts, is that right? And there was me thinking that the 500 I'll get this year was a massive amount, wow!

Jo said...

I have never been given any advice, but if I were to pass on anything it would be to go visit lots of other blogs to a) see what others are doing and b) encourage these people to visit you. Blogging in a vacuum is no fun at all.

Leah said...

Well done DSL - 6 years! *Squeals in verbal celebration*

Hmm, methinks I should be coming to YOU for advice not the other way round. I figure you have it just right.

I can only pass on one thing that I've learned over my years of blogging. That is to keep the posts fairly short and to the point. You do this anyway, but it might benefit other bloggers who get hit with the verbal diahorrea big from time to time.

Love ya!

Jo said...

I just realised it's 6 years for me too Lass, at the beginning I blogged every day, but then I started cutting out Sundays. Because of problems with blogger, I had to delete a lot of my blogs although I have hard copies of them. Blog2Print. So I don't know how many blogs I have written.

J.Day said...

I love the pic up top about blogging. lol

I'm not one for advice, except what others have already said about visiting and commenting on other blogs. I pretty much stick to the basics. I mean, bare basics. (I don't even have a twitter account! lol)

Andrew Leon said...

I just did a four part series on blogging. All my "tips" are there.

Brian Miller said...

woot...6 did the time go...we been around close to the same amount of time...

its about relationships and consistency....

The Glebe Blog said...

My advice to would be bloggers is to decide exactly how much time you can spare to your blog. There are blogs out there that have taken over peoples lives, and their real life has evaporated. A virtual life is great, but it isn't a substitute for getting out and enjoying this beautiful and wonderful world we share.


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