Saturday, 1 June 2013

10 Things I Learned Recently

Happy June, my lovely Plonkers

Welcome to my birthday month!  It's gonna be a goodie, I can feel it in my 40 year old bones [feel free to send expensive gifts and cash, I really do have to finish my tattoo sleeve].  

Daffy Duck sung it best in this episode


And when in doubt try a briefcase full of money...and not on to the actual post....

1.  The Movie 21 and Over made me giggle like an old whore who found a ribbed cucumber.

2. Being a Study Buddy to a ten year old can be both fun and frustrating.   Who knew the Life Cycle of Water could be learned in song?  Just call me... Super-Mum!

3.  It's better to do one thing really, really well than putting you're finger in too many pies.  

3. Never underestimate the power and instantaneousness of Google.

4. I'm loving the series Mrs Brown's Boys. Its fekkin' hilarious.  Do you think its appropriate  for my 7 year old to be watching??

5.  I think most Scottish cuisine is based on a dare.  I shite you not.  Everything is either boiled or deep fried.  Everything tastes like slippery cardboard.

6.  I've become addicted to The Royal Bump Watch.  Kate Middleton is such a cute preggie Mum-to-Be.

7.   Anything that comes in a can and has an expiry date one year later, can NOT be good for you.

8.  It's not what you say, it's what you do.

9.  Wearing my favourite perfume makes me feel confident and sexy.

10.  No steel or wooden stake can pierce the human heart so chillingly as a full stop at the right moment.


YeamieWaffles said...

These are all great things to learn Lass! I like the fact that you're now watching Mrs Browns Boys, it seemed like the kind of show that would be right up your street! I've only seen an episode or two and do find it funny, I just haven't had much time to check it out any further.

I don't know how to feel about the royal bump watch though to be honest Lass! It grinds my gears how well she's doing, I half expected her to get absolutely massive but she's just remained classy and beautiful throughout the pregnancy, I'm sure that's caused some envy for other expectant mothers right now who are comparing themselves to her!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

They say canned foods can be eaten five years later. As you said, that can't be healthy.
Will you be singing the Life Cycle of Water song for us anytime soon?

Andrew Leon said...

Can there really be too many pies?

Pat Hatt said...

Agreed with the can one, blah. Can't say I'm a bump addict though haha happy birthday month.

Jo said...

The Duchess looks good doesn't she?


J.Day said...

Whores and ribbed cucumbers and food that tastes like slippery cardboard. Descriptions I never thought I'd read. lol

The Glebe Blog said...

Aw c'mon what about a Killie Pie, that's got to be quality shoe leather hasn't it ?
As a member of the 'Their Purple Moment' tent of the Sons of the Desert, I love anything funny and you've a plethora of funnies on this post. More of the same please.
I'll be back!


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