Friday, 4 April 2014

Do You Like My Dinges?

Happy Friday, Plonkers.

Today is Day #4 of the A to Z Blog Challenge and I've already visited nearly 50 blogs.  Pat on the back puleeease.  Everyone seems to have their shit together this year and are happily raking in the comments and visits.  

All the blogs I've visited seem so prepared and have a well-thought-out themes.  Why do I feel so unorganised?

Okaydokay, back to my theme - Southafricanisms

D is for Dinges [pronounced ding-us]. This is an indeterminate, non-descript thing or term for an object whose name you've momentarily forgotten.  From the Afrikaans language, from ding, which means thing.  Similar to a Thing-a-ma-bob or a whachyamacallit.  

Sometimes, more often than not, referring to a man's genitals.

Usage: "Please pass me my dinges there." "What?" "My dinges. I want to blow it." "You mean your vuvuzela?" "Yes, my vuvuzela.".


Joyce Lansky said...

Congrats on visiting so many blogs. That's the toughest part of the A-Z challenge.

Jo said...

Sometimes I worry about you Lass, LOL.

Andrew Leon said...

I'm not just handing those to anybody!

Ida Chiavaro said...

I lost count of how many blogs i visited on the first day - 50 is a might effort... I wonder if the word dinger came from dinges :)
Reflex Reactions said...

I got visited about 500 on the list and got a bit burnt out by it all. Now it's more of a random selection.

And I don't have a theme. And I am only partly organised ;)

Rhi // Welsh Bloggers

L.G. Keltner said...

I'm going to have to use this one! I can only imagine the looks I'm going to get. Thanks for sharing!

Bailey Schneider said...

Hahahaha... such an Afrikaans word! LOL - haven't heard it in ages. Good laugh

ScotSue said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog "My Scottish Borders" - and I am in awe that you have visited 50 other A-Z challenges - that is so impressive! I come nowhere near that and don't know how you do it! You are not as disorganized as you say!



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