Saturday, 12 April 2014

Kwela is Kwaai

We are almost half-way through the A to Z Blog Challenge *going laaik a boeing*

Today's Southafricanism is:

Kwela [pronounced kw-eh-la].  A popular form of township music from the 1950s, based on the pennywhistle, a cheap and simple instrument taken up by street performers.  The term kwela
comes from the isiZulu for "get up", though in township slang it also referred to the police vans, the kwela-kwela.   It is said that the young men who played the pennywhistle on street corners also acted as lookouts to warn those drinking in illegal shebeens of the arrival of the cops.

Check out Lemmy Mabaso who was famous for this type of music.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Lookouts for cops - clever!

Ami said...

Watching those guys dance is making my knee hurt. :)

I am reading every time you post, I am sorry I don't comment every time, I seem to be running late constantly and promise myself to get back to blogs and leave a comment, then I don't always manage it.

I'm really liking the 'lessons' you're teaching in this series. Fascinating to me.

I've shared some with 'my' kids at work, too. I tell them that I learn something new every single day. It's true, I really do.

Bailey Schneider said...

Catching up... Loving this series!
#ProudlySouthAfrican with a Swiss Twist!

Ida Chiavaro said...

I'm not hearing a lot of the penny whistle in that song... but it's happy music so I like it - I love the idea of a musical lookout.

Marie Moody said...

Well, that's truly different. I wish I would've known about these ABC challenge. You'll have to let me know next time so I can jump on this Fun Train for sure with you! Hugzzzzz to you my friend. Oh guess what all good news. Hubby found a job, I got the right medicine & getting better & I'm up to 50.2 lbs that I lost! Woo Hoo!!!


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