Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Takkie Tsotsie To Die For

 "Takkies" (pronounced tack–ees) has two different meanings a rubber-soled canvas sports shoe or a vehicle's tyre.  

So you know that pair of gleaming white, Nike or Adidas running shoes that you don for that soccer game with friends? South Africans simply call them takkies. We keep them super white, enabling us to keep them for years on end. 

Incidentally, they’re a rather popular piece of treasure for thieves. Forget your wallet stuffed with cash and credit cards.  The tsotsis (thieves) will want your takkies first.

Usage : Check out the fat takkies on that motorbike!


The Glebe Blog said...

Tackies (Tackety Boots) were studded boots that sparked on the pavements when I was a kid growing up in Fife. "A could start a fire wi the sparks aff ma tackies". Might have been a localized expression though. (Like Killies)

Fanny Barnes Thornton said...

Do y'put y'takkies in the washing machine to keep them white?
I remember that awful stuff that was squeezed through a spongy end, and I always got most of it on my hands.

A-Zs are inspiring. I'll come and see you again, Gillian.

Ami said...

Seriously? They steal your shoes??

I don't wear white shoes, personally. There are days when wearing a white ANYTHING is too much responsibility.

I have so enjoyed this series thus far. I will link to it from my blog this week because I think it's fascinating and that other people will enjoy reading it, too.


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