Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hey Howzit Goin'?

Enjoying the A to Z Blog Challenge, everyone?  

I certainly am.  I've visited over 60 blogs already and found a good few new blogs to follow. 

Some bloggers are rockin' some pretty fekkin' awesome themes.  Go check some of them out - even if you don't want to link up - you'll be sure to find some new brilliant bloggers to read and follow.

We're tackling the Letter H and today's Southafricaism is :

Howzit (pronounced hau-zet).  A South African slang word for an exclamation or greeting.  It's the equivalent to "hello" or "how are you".  All the locals use this one, usually coupled with the gesture in the picture below.  

Usage :  "Howzit, Boet - surprised to see me?"


Bailey Schneider said...

Loving these posts ;-) I didn't think we had so many South Africanisms - but when you really look into it, we have soooo many! FUN!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's a simple one to remember.
I haven't visited as many new blogs as I would like, but I have visited a scary amount each day.

R Scott Amsbaugh said...

Love learning new words. Like your theme. I have found the A to Z challenge to be - a challenge. A worthwhile one. Creating content, exploring other blogs, and daily life. Good luck.


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