Friday, 25 April 2014

B flat below middle C

Vuvuzela [pronounced voo-voo-zella]  A long plastic trumpets blown by South African fans at football games, which are being talked up as the 12th man of the host team because they have the effect of deafening their opponents.

South Africans may be a conservative and reserved nation, but when it comes to supporting their favourite sports, they turn into instant hooligans.  And Hooligans with a really loud plastic trumpet, can become quite a fekkin' pain in the arse.  

In some countries the vuvuzela is banned because of its noise levels.  Nine English Premier League clubs have banned the device, they say due to health and safety reasons, I think its just coz its fucking annoying.

But its dead fun to play when you've had a few drinks to frighten your friends and neighbours!

Usage :  I thought I heard an angry swarm of bumblebees, but it was only the sound of vuvuzelas playing at the World Cup.

Yeah, the vuvuzela has been compared to the porn star, Jenna Jameson - plastic, horny and makes a hell of a noise whilst blowing.



Andrew Leon said...

Now that's an image that's gonna be stuck in my head. A porn horn. Or something.

Jo said...

SSA friend told me we should be careful when importing them into this part of the world because they bred like rabbits. Awful noise.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've caught the sound of it many times during soccer games. (Sorry, I know - your football.)


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