Tuesday, 15 April 2014


We're half way, Plonkers!

Can you believe we made it this far?  Normally by now, during the A to Z Blog Challenge, I'm loosing momentum and some of my hair!  This year, I actually prepared and scheduled some of my posts in advance.  That's not cheating izit?  Naaah...

Today's letter is M, which means today's Southafricanism is 

Mampoer [pronounced mum-poo-er]. Mampoer is extremely potent brandy made from peaches or other fruit, similar to American moonshine.  It is often referred to as witblitz (White Lightening) or dooringdraad (barbed wire) because some of the mampoer bottles have barbed wire wrapped around them.  You should actually take heed of this warning.  It is there for a reason. Beware.

Mampoer is often masked by different fruity flavours, sometimes even chocolate, mint or toffee.  Even so, it still tastes like paint stripper and kicks like a fekkin' mule!

Not for the feint-hearted and could cause instant liver failure.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm not into paint stripper, so I'll take your word on its potency.

Paula Kaye said...

This sounds fabulous to me!

Rhonda Erb said...

Ha ha! This made me laugh. Especially the White Lightning. My daughter's name is Whitney, I often call her Wit...And a volleyball coach of hers gave her the nickname White Lightning, so witblitz/white lightning made me chuckle.
Stopping by from A to Z.


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