Monday, 14 April 2014

Local is Lekkerrrrrrrrrrr

Lekker [pronounced lekk-irr with a rolling r].  From the Afrikaans word for delicious.  Lekker means nice, cool, fun or tasty.

Lekker is a commonly used word in the Dutch language that is more similar to the word English word luscious than the word tasty. Lekker is used to denote something delicious or sweet, and is more commonly used by the under 30 crowd as a term for a woman having sex appeal.  Lekker, like luscious, has a sexual connotation. In South Africa, however, lekker has primarily been used in place of the English terms "cool" or "sweet," with a much more broad, less sexual, undertone.

Usage: “We had a lekker time last night.” 


"Hey I just found 100 bucks! Lekker man..."  


"That chick in the bikini checks out lekker hey?"



David G. Shrock said...

I've heard the word before, but I've never understood it. The usage like "sweet" or "cool" makes sense.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

My wife is lekker! She also has lekker. Yes, it fits either way.

Paula Kaye said...

Ah how I am glad to have returned to you Lass. I need the lightness of your blog in my life. Looking good!


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