Wednesday, 2 April 2014

May The Wors Be With You

Hey Precious Plonkers.  Today's letter is B and there are a couple of things that are typically South African that begin with the letter B.

Firstly, Braai [pronounced br-eye] - This is the popular South African version of the backyard barbecue where meats such as steak, chicken and boerewors (pronounced boo-ruh-vorss) are cooked. 

Secondly, Boerewors is a traditional spicy South African sausage made of beef or lamb and is also referred to as wors (vorss). Nothin' like a good boerie roll.  Chances are that you will also be introduced to pap en sous (pronounced pup en sohss) at a braai. Pap is boiled corn meal, and sous is the sauce it is covered with, usually featuring tomato and onions. Tasteeeeeee

Lastly, Biltong [pronounced bill-tong] This South African favourite is dried and salted meat, similar to beef jerky, although it can be made from ostrich, kudu, beef or any other red meat. It is synonymous with rugby, another South African favourite.

Usage:  Ons gaan nou braai, hoor? (Translation : Braai the beloved country).

"I Braai Therefore I am"


Rhonda Albom said...

My good friend (a SA immigrant) had an injury and I brought her some Biltong. She was so excited, I think she hid it so not to share with her kids.

Visiting from AtoZ

Lacey Dearie said...

Great post. I dropped by because I saw the name of your blog on the A to Z blogging challenge list and being from Scotland and a bit daft myself I knew I had to have a look. Glad I did because I've now learned something about South African cuisine!

Melanie Crouse said...

I love learning about cultures I know little about. I'll be back for sure. I found your blog through the A-Z challenge, and I'm returning your visit.

Cathy Kennedy said...

A SA that sounds rather tasty, especially the Boerewors.I like spicy foods!

Jo said...

Had relatives living in Natal for a while and my mother went to visit and attended a braai. I know she enjoyed it. Saw pix at the time.

Happy B Day.

Tina said...

Now I'm very hungry for something grilled...thanks for stopping by today! I wish you all the best in the Challenge! I'd love to be able to stop by frequently, but you know how we have to get to as many blogs as possible...
Tina @ Life is Good
A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014

Dazediva said...

As a vegetarian I guess I won't have much to eat at a Braai !!

ilakshee said...

Local cuisine is a great way to learn about culture. your post piqued my interest.

Bailey Schneider said...


Ida Chiavaro said...

Yup Biltong is a favourite of mine, the pap en sous reminds me of polenta Reflex Reactions

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

BBQ'ed ostrich. Pretty sure I've never tried that before.

Pam Margolis said...

thanks for visiting; returning the favor. whatever cooked food is called in any language i'm so ready to eat; thanks for the mouthwatering delight!

Eileen T said...

I like the sound of boerewors - spicy foods are a favourite!

Eileen @ In My Playroom (also doing the A to Z Challenge)

Lisa said...

I love the a to z blog hop for just this reason, I learn something new from every blog I read! Awesome, thanks!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

@Rhonda I don't share my biltong either :-)

@Lacey Thank you for stopping by to a fellow Scot!

@Melanie @Tina @ilakshee @PamMargolis @Eileen @Lisa Thank you for popping in. All the best with the challenge

@Cathy Let me know if I can send you some

@Jo I just came back from six days in Natal. It is such a Beautiful part of our country

@Dazediva I guess not but we have plenty vegetarian dishes that we could make on the braai

@Bailey lets get together for a good old South African braai

@Ida Chiavaro its scrumptious

@Ninjalex Braaied ostrich kebabs are lovely


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