Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Conversation with 5-year-old Kaylin

KK hasn't taken this tie of for three days
Conversation with my youngest,  5 year-old Kaylin, driving home from school:

KK: Mum, I made you an Easter Egg picture!

Me: Thanx ma’ darlin’ that’s very good, such nice bright colours!

KK: Paulina told us a story about Jesus dying and going to Heaven.

Me: That’s nice. Did you enjoy the Easter story?

KK: Yes. 

Pause for KK’s pondering

KK pointing to her chest.

KK: Jesus lives in our hearts! *pounding her chest*

Pause for more KK’s pondering

*KK sings J!–E!–S!-U!-S! at full volume*

KK: Jesus died and went up to Heaven to God.

Me: Yes, love.

KK looking at a young cool dude who pulled up in the car next to us at the traffic lights. He was wearing a black beanie and pumping his music in his pimped-out VW GTi.

KK pointing at the dude.

KK: Mum, do you think Jesus lives in that boy's heart?

Me: Yes, I would suppose so. 

KK: I looooooove Jesus. He’s my favourite!

KK starts singing “Jesus Loves me”.

Isn't it GREAT being 5?


Aaron M. Gipson said...

LOL, she sounds as inquisitive and as bright as her mum!

cat said...

Oh this is so cute. I love how spontaneous they are.

Damaria Senne said...

He sounds lovely, and so open and spontaneous. I miss that with my one (who's 13)

blackhuff said...

So innocent :)

Brian Miller said...

big smiles...i like

Mark said...

She is so cool! I do love the minds of little ones. They are not afraid to share their minds.

PBJdreamer said...

It is GREAT being 5 and thanks for sharing so we could all remember that.

My son once asked me at age 3 if Jesus could see him going potty.


that is all

Steve Bossenberger said...

They are so young and innocent!

MaidInAustralia said...

Oh bless. My kids get really worried because their Dad and Nana doesn't believe in God. They go to a Catholic school and believe their Dad and Nana will go to hell. Such innocence.

Jim Watson said...

What a wonderful wee girl, just makes me wish we had made a bigger family, I love the way little ones talk, they could make the world a safer place if the high head yons would listen to them. Thanks for sharing her conversation. ,


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