Monday, 4 April 2011

Music Monday


Xmas Dolly always has a Music Monday Moves Me. Go check it out and of course yours truly is featured today! 

Here are my choices today.

Jackie Evancho - yes it is her real voice - on America's Got Talent.

The Voices of Angels.  the Choirboys.


Xmas Dolly said...

Well, this is surely the flipside of my girlfriend, and I'm so proud to know you! These songs are going to be the best pick of the day! I just know it. You go girl! Hugs to ya from across the seas! I would absolutely love to meet you one day!

Melany said...

That little girl is so amazing. She sings SO well

Cathy Kennedy said...

Jackie Evancho is such a darling. This little sweetie has a voice of an angel. We fell in love with her last year when she aired on America's Got Talent. Thanks for sharing both your picks for this MMM!

From your newest follower,
~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

Check out…
Christian Rock post.

Brian Miller said...

nice....some pretty awesome kids eh?

Stacy Uncorked said...

I'm sitting here with MAJOR goosebumps after listening to those! :)

Congrats on your spotlight dance, my friend! :)

Spiritual Music Monday Blog Hops

secret agent woman said...

I remember when I first heard the girl - she's amazing. But, at the risk of sounding Grinchy, I've never liked hearing boys choirs with that high-pitched thing.

Classic NYer said...

how do some children get the most angelic voices...

and by the way, that girl could not have really been singing. there was an invisible six-foot-tall fat woman standing behind her. jk

great picks!

Copyboy said...

Yeah, I second Melany. Though there's this country singing baby on youtube that could beat both of 'em. Just saying.

Lorie Shewbridge said...

Such amazingly awesome little voices you chose today. Just beautiful, they all brought tears to my eyes.
Congratulations on your spotlight this week. WooHoo!!

G.S. said...

I first saw Jackie Evancho on the National Christmas Tree Lighting show in December. First President Obama spoke and had his daughters push the button that lit the tree. Then out came little Jackie and sang "O Holy Night" and everyone's jaws dropped in a kind of spiritual transformation. I pitied the poor bastard who had to come on after her.

JamericanSpice said...

She really should have won!

Just beautiful.

Great choices.

Congrats on being featured.


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