Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Sunday at our house means an Easter Egg Hunt in the front garden.

Both Megan and Kaylin get a basket and I let them loose to collect as many chocolate easter eggs that the Easter Bunny has left behind.

This year was a little different as Megan now knows that the Easter Bunny is fake, so she helped me plant the chocolate eggs and "pretended" to have seen the Easter Bunny just leaving as Kaylin arrived with her basket to see catch him.

The loot was found, the loot is in the process of being consumed, the loot was smeared all over their faces but the loot won't last long.

The sugar high will last longer I'm afraid!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Easter Bunny has been!!!

Searching for Easter Eggs

Found One!

Sister checking out their stash

My Boerewors had to get in on the action of course

The Easter Loot

check our baskets full of eggs!

Oh Yeah lets go munch them!

Megan tucking in.
Kaylin getting HIGH on sugar

My favourite!
This weekend we've been having competitions with Kaylin's Paddle Balls.  We have four of them and so far I'm the Paddle Champion!  I have whacked that sucker 45 times in a row so far, so I'm the undefeated Paddle Ball Queen.  Whoohooo! 

Do I win a prize?  Oh God, just not another easter egg.  I'm gonna pop!

I caught the girls playing.  I didn't ask what the game was.  An axe and Goggles?  Must've been pretty rough


Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Happy Easter my love.

And heres to a chocolate free tomorrow. *burp*

Brian Miller said...

woohhoo we just finished ours and are now throwing the eggs off the back deck to watch them explode when they hit...ha...boys

Matty said...

Nothing cuter than children on an Easter egg hunt. There are always plenty of smiles to go around.

I have tried paddle ball, but was never any good at it. Long, long time ago. said...

I love how the photos ended with bicycle death race... Happy Easter!

Ryan said...

And after the kids consumed the loot, they are now bouncing off the walls giving mum the biggest headache...Oh how I used to love Easter!!

Mark said...

Easter Greetings!
Your girls are so cute. I only have one but I think we need another.
The hunt looked like fun.
Your Friend, m.

sexylegsandbody said...

Hi, just watched your video, my honest opinion is that it is stunning, almost feels like I just met you in person. Quality wise, nothing wrong with it, but my video got stuck at the end, I dont think it has anything to do with how it was made, it is more a hicup with you tube. So I think you should carry on doing it, it is a great idea. (maybe post them on your site, that way you will get more exposure, just my opinion)

Thanks for dropping a line on my last post, I never really noticed Geri, yet that picture impressed me.

Hope the week will be great, fortunately it is a short one.

Mike Smith said...

Eggstraordinary photos Gillian!

Steve Bossenberger said...

Looks fun! Here, it was crappy weather. Cold and rainy. We did not get to do it but we had one inside the house. It just wasn't the same

Melanie said...

what fun! the sugar high always lasts longer!!

blackhuff said...

Easter egg hunt - not something we do for our children and not something the kids miss because they don't know about it.
Looks like your children had a ball :)


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