Wednesday, 6 April 2011

So You Think You Can Vlog? ♥ Giveaway ♥

I am throwing out a challenge to all you Plonkers...erm Bloggers.  Oh you know you love giveaways, right?

I'm giving away a fabulous prize to one Blogger Winner who vlogs  the funniest, weirdest, strangest, whackiest, freakiest vlog ever!  

Now, Freaks, I'm not saying flash us yer hairy arse or shit like that. I'm talking about something that will make us laugh, show us yer  party trick, sing us a silly song, recite one of your funny poems, do an Irish jig.  You know you wanna...

I will keep the entries open until I have at least 10 vlogs.  I know we're all busy, so I'll give you a while to think about it and get your videos uploaded to the infamous YouBoob and link them back here.

Go on. I dare ye.  Put a smile on my dial.

So what do I win I hear you asking? lovies...I will be giving away some shiney new Daft Scots Lass merchandise freshly fallen off a lorry..

So....Get creative

Vlog Me Baby!


Jennifer said...

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Copyboy said...

The gauntlet has been thrown down. hmmmm.

Boobies said...

Oh Snap!


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