Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Blast from the Past and a WINNER!

The Winner of Caption My Freak Photo #1 is no other than The Offensive  David Barber!!  Email me at info@redpepa.za.net for your awesome custom-made Daft Scots Lass tattoo.

"Nigel enjoys quiet nights in and loves nothing better than a vodka tonic before jamming his over-sized truncheon into wet apricots!"

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Brian Miller said...

hahaha...oh my...congrats

Aaron M. Gipson said...

How cool would it be for Ben Elton, Rick Mayall, Ade Edmonson, and all the rest make a Young Ones reunion show? That was and is still to this day one of my absolute favorite shows. It came on MTV really late on Sunday nights in the US, and I always stayed up to watch it.

Steve Bossenberger said...

Billy Connolly is hilarious! I saw him at a comedy club once. I was laughing for weeks!


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