Monday, 25 April 2011

SA National Cheerleaders head to USA for International Cheer Union World Championship

We went to Bryanston High School yesterday afternoon to watch our South African National Cheerleading team perform.  They are heading off to ICU International Cheer Union World Champions being held in Disneyland USA on Thursday and Friday this week.

My best friend's son and his girlfriend are part of the elite team and we couldn't be prouder.  They leave on their flight to the states tonight and we are so excited for them, as this is the first time that South Africa is part of this major event.  The sport in SA is still fairly new but they are still pretty frikken awesome!

What an opportunity for both Justin and Sam to go to Disneyland together as a couple and take part in this HUGE event.  YouTube is riddled with cheer videos from last year's competition:  USA TeamMexican Team and the Chinese Team.

We'll be hosting a Cheerleading party at our house on Thursday night to watch the live feed of the Championships on ESPN.  We'll be supporting the South African Team 100%.   Bring out the popcorn, candy floss and hot dogs.

Go SA, Go Green and Gold.  Go Team Go!!!

Here's the schedule - be sure to watch Team Green and Gold!

[video removed until after the competition]


Brian Miller said...

nice...have fun with that party...and congrats to oldest son really likes to watch so we will look for them on ESPN

DCHY said... or lose, it's just amazing that SA got to represent in its first year.

PBJdreamer said...

oh my daughter used to do competitive cheerleading.

I LOVE watching it!


that is all said...

May I suggest everyone dresses up for the party in cheerleader costumes?

Could be fun...

Steve Bossenberger said...

I will check it out. I know someone that was in that a few years ago. A friends daughter partook in the event.

Not So Simply Single said...

Go team!

Hope you had fun!


Matthew MacNish said...

If these are adults, that's hot. If they're kids, that's cute.

Boobies said...

That's awesome! I love watching competitive one judge me either! :)

Mena said...

That is super awesome. Congratulations to Bryanston High! I hope they do well.

Anonymous said...

I am very excited and proud of the team. SA is not THAT new to cheerleading. It's been going for at least 11 years in the country. It will probably grow now after the World championships.

For too long the development of cheer has been stunted by the influence of Drum Majorettes and it's time cheerleading breaks free of the confines and regulations that govern Drummies. Not to mention the double standards that run rampant through the governing body that runs cheerleading and drummies in this country!!!


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