Friday, 20 July 2012

How to have a Shoegasm

Yippeeeeeeee it's Friday, lovely Plonkers. My favourite day of the week.  Here's something that happened this week

Megan gets out the bath and comes to get dress in front of the heater (it is the middle of winter here).  As she stands naked in front of the gas heater, she bends over and drops a huge fart!  Immediately I say “Geezo! Megan you could set your arse on fire doing that!”.  She giggles, cocks her leg and drops another doozey.  Know what My Boerewors says “Guess who she takes after?”.  He actually looked over at me!  Tonight he’s sleeping on the couch.

Lots happening this weekend.  I have to register Kaylin for Primary School, Megan's football game on Saturday, and Sunday doing the 702 Discovery Walk The Talk.  Will share pictures soon.

Friday is the perfect day to share some stunning heels that gave me a Shoegasm.

Candy Striped Heels

Ruthie Davis Crazy Sexy Heels

Pretty Platform Heels from Polyvore 
Oh Eh Gee.  These puppies made me drool by Giuseppe Zanotti

Oh So Pretty and Glittery Island Style Heels at Polyvore

Gina Drew Slingback Platform
and my favourite shoe designer Christian Louboutin

Rockin' Mama hosts this blog hop every Friday. Go give her a visit and link up, Hookas.

This week we have to "Finish This Sentence Bitch....!"
1. When I'm home alone I love to dance around in my undies to my favourite jam
2. I am guilty of farting a lot in my office and covering it up with pretty "Oh So Heaveny" Scentsations Viva La vanilla.
3. My favorite cuss word is FUCK
4. Of all the things I've learned I hate gutless cowards the most.
5. The worst thing I've done while having sex is falling asleep , and my partners reaction was irrelevant.

That Friday Blog Hop


Indigo Roth said...

Hey Lass! I like Louboutin too - very elegant - tho I've never been much of a fan of slingbacks for some reason. Still, the Pretty Platform Heels from Polyvore! Wowsers! I do so look forward to Fridays! Indigo x

Brittany said...

I see some SEXY shoes oweeee!!!! Wish I was shorter then my hubby so I could sport them, Im just an amazon! mami! ):

Wreckless Euroafrican said...

I can see the flames......

YeamieWaffles said...

This post really made me laugh Lass, "be careful, you might set your arse on fire," is such a Scottish mum thing to say haha, I love the shoes as usual, I didn't know that such amazing heels were available until I started following and reading your blog.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Is that one of those joys of raising kids things?

Mark said...

Hey, you could warn people you know! I'm trying to eat my breakfast here!

Lucy said...

Oh my gosh,those shoes are awesome :)
Have a wonderful weekend!
Hopefully with no flames LOL

AimeeKay said...

Love the heels! Especially the Pretty Platforms!

Destiny said...

LMAO, viva la vanilla!

bitch you're hilarious

The Glebe Blog said...

Fart's on fire have been popular on the internet for quite a while now. It's a blue flame since it's usually methane that's emitted. Always beware of the backdraft though, that can have serious consequences like singed eyebrows.

RoryBore said...

hubby has taught the children the "pull my finger" trick. there will be no living with any of them now.

I must have those Oh So Pretty Ones in my life. get on my feet!

Semi Madman said...

Once again, nice shoes! Sounds weird for a guy to say that, but I just picture them on some random hottie while she is wearing nothing else. So that makes it alright. I really like the purplish ones and the "Crazy Sexy Heels!"


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