Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Juicy Snippets

So Adele is pregnant and TomKat are calling it quits

Alec Baldwin gets married and Becks gets the boot from the Olympics.

The Bieber graduates High School and Jack Parrow becomes a dad

Sony plans to buy out EMI 


cat said...

And ypu leave that one for last. And seriously who expected her to stay with that creep

YeamieWaffles said...

It's been a really crazy week for entertainment and showbiz news to say the very least Lass. I'm pretty pleased to hear about Adele being pregnant and about TomKat finally splitting up, I've always been pretty worried for Katie though I guess she did choose to marry Tom so he can't be that bad a husband or a parent either.

Mich said...

Isn't Justin Bieber like 19 or 20 years old? And he only JUST NOW graduated high school?
...all my suspicions about him have just been proven correct.

Indigo Roth said...

And I'm wearing a magnificent tie.

Semi Madman said...

TomKat - I guess she got tired of all the Scientologists trying to control her life.

Adele - I thought she was just a little overweight

And how did Biebs graduate? He is always on the road or with Selena. I don't think he has time to study!

Lesley at Fabulously Flawed said...

For some reason I was so like, " Whaaaat? " when I read about Tom and Kate. Even though the whole world knew her contact was up any day now...still shocked me. Shows me I need to get drunker so that I won't give a shit about celebrity garbage.

Dazee Dreamer said...

and a happier person I am for the TomKat breakup. He makes me sick to my stomach

Akelamalu said...

The news in a nutshell! :)

Maurice Mitchell said...

Gillian TomKat was long overdue. @Dazee that guy seriously creeps me out.


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