Sunday, 1 July 2012

Skin 'n Blister

On Saturday we went to Janie and Mick's house for a wee family braai. 

It was Claire Jane's 3rd birthday during the week and I got to at least sing her happy birthday and give her a wee prezzie from her Aunty Gillian.

We celebrated and a great day together.  

Kaylin and CJ got to play "house" all day, Dylan DJed for us for the day, Megan karaoked, Ryan got to play his favourite alien computer game, Janie and I got to have a good natter and Riaan and Mick got to braai and drink beer. 

Claire Jane opening her birthday prezzies from her Aunty Gillian

I love to watch wee yuns open their prezzies. They get so excited.

Janie baked cupcakes for the occassion and they were delish! 

CJ smiled and played her Hello Kitty game.

And Smiled some more

CJ and KK playing "house"

The homemade cupcakes

Dyl doing was he does best.

Megan sharing the mic

CJ and her gorgeous mum (and my sister)

Janie enjoying a sausage

Mick and Janie dancing amongst the braai smoke

My Boerewors working the braai.  Sooooo sexy...

Ryan even gave me a smile.

Janie workin' the mic

Mick being suggestive with a sausage

Sisters being silly

Sisters Forever

Janie showing CJ how the Hello Kitty game works

Cupcakes for the girls!
The men posing for the camera


YeamieWaffles said...

Glad to hear you had so much fun Lass, amazing photos as well.

Indigo Roth said...

Hey Lass! Looks like a fab day! =)

Brian Miller said...

hey looks like you had a bit of fun...smiles...

Ducky said...

Looks amazingly fun! I love the photo of "playing house". That made me laugh out loud and your sisters photo tugged at me. I miss my sister. So glad you could enjoy your time together!!! Making memories is what it is all about.

The Glebe Blog said...

It looks like ye had a grand time hen. The weans surely did.
Watchin the video clip, a've a feeling yer sisters as much o' a besom as yersel, baith o' ye are aff yer heids.

cat said...

Magical family memories


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